Friday, July 1, 2011

Why B and W Should Just Date Each Other

An actual conversation over texts between The Bitches: tonight, the Friday of a three-day weekend, 1:18 am.

W: Why is dating so goddamn impossible?
B: Ooh deet me
W: I just don't like people sober. I think it's a problem
B: No it makes sense. I totally agree. Booze makes the world go round.
W: Like what the fuck
B: And what are these sober freaks doing in nyc? Go back to utah.
W: I mean. I played pool sober tonight.
B: Gross! You have my sympathies.
W: And I hope condolences to my vagina
B: I'm virtually bringing your vag flowers and a card
W: How was your night?
B: I'm watching my so called life and eating caramels. Soooo yeah.
W: At least you have Jordan catelano